Two portraits I did of JAWS, Birmingham indie band, check em’ out, they’re on spotify and shizzle, the drummer is a right legend :). I tried to go for a more serious style, as apposed to my usual cartoony stuff. But I feel like I’ve kept it light hearted still with their expressions  :P  

This is great man! Love it!

Thanks man :)

I will be making these images high-res enough for desktop backgrounds soon!

Any Musicians on here from anywhere in the world…


I’m a training/ studying producer based in Birmingham U.K. and I need artists to produce, if you’re an acoustic artist and can access recording (even basic home recording) and want someone to turn those recordings into produced tracks pleasepleaseplease hit me up, I don’t charge cos this is like practice for me. But yeah :) do it my email is or Facebook me Sol Gibson 

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Here’s a little backing track sample of a track from the EP I’m working on “Viva Azania”, the intro/outros aren’t there yet, the track is still under construction and vocals are to come ^^. 

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Okay, so I’ve gone slack on this.

However, I’m gunna get my ass in gear and start blogging again, I’ve got some good tracks and don’t forget to submit your own tracks, or your favourite folk/blues :)

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My first acoustic demo bitches… (forgive the fact that it’s unmastered)

Sol Gibson - Somewhere 

Dave Green

Hey I saw your post and I have a wealth of original folk music here  If you like it, feel free to share it.  Thanks,


Thankyou Dave, looked at your stuff, really great, thank you (:

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Mumford & Sons - The Cave

Contemporary Folk/ Indie

Anonymous asked:
you spelled acoustic Aucoustic

Thankyou I hadn’t notice (:

To All Acoustic/ Blues/ Folk Artists

I want to start posting songs and covers by real people, with credits ect… if you’re interested in submitting your stuff, just contact me through ask or submit for more info (: